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Our cold pressing technique utilizes a steel press to physically squeeze the oil out of the seed. It is done at a very slow rate to ensure the temperature does not exceed 50°C; it requires no chemicals or additives.


Cold pressing results in a lower yield, but a superior quality product which retains all of its flavour, aroma, colour and nutritional value.





Traceable, Small Batched, Locally Sourced,

& 100% Saskatchewan Made!


Saskatchewan is well-regarded internationally for the quality of its products. We take pride in our 100% Saskatchewan grown, harvested, cold pressed, and traceable oils.


Our Camelina Sativa oilseed is 100% grown, harvested, and cold pressed in Saskatchewan!


A printed lot code on our bottles trace back to where the seed was grown in the farmer’s field. Passionate and dedicated farmers from Saskatchewan grow and supply Canada Golden Camelina. 


Locally traceable from the seed to the table!




Learn more about the land of the living skies: 

the Saskatchewan Prairies.


Saskatchewan is known as Canada’s breadbasket. But our farmers don’t only grow wheat. We grow & produce pulses, fruit, eggs, mustard, milk, camelina and much more.

Take the time to learn about local farmers and processors and the delicious, healthy foods they produce that feeds the world. Saskatchewan has over 40% of Canada's cultivated farmland.


Cold Pressed Oil


Not refined, deodorized or processed in any way.

Does not contain harmful solvent residues.

No added chemicals or preservatives.