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Canada's local time on May 2 at 16:00, the three-day 2019 Canadian International Food Exhibition (SIAL Canada 2019) was successfully concluded in Toronto. During the SIAL exhibition, Canada's CG Group, with its natural healthy edible oils, Camelina Oil and Canola Oil, received praise by the food industry professionals. 


SIAL Canada is known as Canada's largest international food fair. It was transplanted to Canada by SIAL in 2001, the largest exhibition event in the global food and beverage industry. It has been successfully held for 16 sessions. Many opportunities for exhibitors and buyers were created in more than 50 countries to exchange, cooperate and to access emerging technologies.


SIAL Canada Scene

The Camelina brand grasps every opportunity to exchange and cooperate with the vast number of merchants at the food exhibition, hoping to introduce the concept of healthy oil and edible oil that is more beneficial to human health to more consumers. Therefore, at this year's Canada International Food Exhibition, Camelina gathered together to bring its healthy edible oil products to the overall appearance.


At the exhibition, we showed visitors the high-quality Camelina oil from Saskatchewan, Canada, with more than 90% of unsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3, 6, 9) and 73.8 mg/100. Vitamin E and 246 ° C high smoke point made many health-conscious professionals express their recognition and appreciation for it.

At the same time, the new product of Camelina, which was first appeared at the exhibition site, was double-low (low erucic acid, low glucosinolate). Camelina oil was squeezed by low temperature physical production process, which also attracted the interest of many professional visitors.

It’s fortunate to attend the important exhibition trade event in Canada's food industry, Camelina hopes to show not only a brand and a series of products at the Canadian International Food and Beverage Exhibition, but also hope to bring the ideas, technologies and other souls behind the Camelina brand.


In the new era of consumption and eating environment, people's demand for healthy and healthy eating is growing. Camelina will focus on consumer demand and lead the concept of healthy oil to bring more and better green health food to everyone.


At this food show, Camelina has gained a lot. In addition to the recognition and support of many food industry practitioners, we also got an exciting news: indigo seeds have been approved for direct consumption by the human body!


This means that indigo seeds that promote cardiovascular health, help balance blood sugar, blood fat, cholesterol, and beauty can be ingested by the body without pressing extract edible oil, but can be directly matched with warm water, beverage or soup. It is used to ensure that the precious nutrients in the indigo seeds can be completely ingested by the human body without being lost by the intermediate links.


After getting this news, Camelina's colleagues couldn't wait to start the experiment. From the mix of drinks, soup to direct frying, we tried all of them. Each one is delicious, especially the fried indigo seeds exude the smell of melon seeds, the delicious temptation can’t be resisted!

This SIAL Canada show is here to end! June 3 - 5, the Camelina brand will attend the 2019 US IFT Food Technology Exhibition. At that time, we will continue to cooperate with the brands of the industry, let us wait and see!

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