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Live up to expectations, the first show of Camelina Oil in Japan was so successful! 

At 16:30 on March 8, four-day 44th Japan Chiba International Food & Beverage Exhibition (FOODEX JAPAN 2019) was successfully concluded.


The exhibition attracted more than 3,300 international exhibitors from 80 countries and regions, and nearly 90,000 professional visitors from the food and beverage industry, which brought more possibilities for the development of the food industry.



Foodex Japan started in 1976 and it has been held annually. It is the largest food and beverage exhibition in Asia Pacific Region with the highest reputation, the most complete varieties, and the largest transaction volume. It is the world's third largest food and beverage exhibition. Other two largest exhibitions are Cologne, Germany and Paris International Food Show.


Foodex Japan aims to bring new trends of food service, distribution and retail industries and to promote the development of the entire food industry.


Camelina Oil 

As one of the representative companies in Saskatchewan, Canada, Camelina arrived at the exhibition site before March 5th.


From pre-show preparation to booth layout, we paid attention to every detail. We only hope that visitors can feel our sincerity and difference, so that we can pass on scientific lifestyle and healthy oil concept to more consumers. 


At the exhibition, Camelina showed visitors the oil from Saskatchewan, Canada, due to its high levels of unsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3, 6, 9) and vitamin E, as well as smoke point up to 246 °C, more friends who pay attention to quality of life and healthy diet come to understand and accept us.


Camelina Oil not only captured the enthusiasm of the visitors, but also was recognized by Japanese and British celebrity chefs for its unique fragrance and taste. It was the executive chief of the famous British hotel Stoke Park Country Club, Spa & Hotel. Chef - Mr. Chris Wheeler used the Camelina Oil to cook the top British lamb chops during the FOODEX main show, allowing the guests to taste the perfect combination of high-end ingredients and top cooking oil.


This exhibition is a big step for the Camelina brand to the world. Everyone's satisfaction and recognition are the driving force for us to keep moving forward. We will not forget the original heart and live up to trust, we will insist on bringing more and high-quality oil to consumers and spread the concept of healthy science to them in more countries and regions!

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