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       NewProduct——Canola Oil!


   We would like to introduce our new product that will be presented at

   FOODEX JAPAN of March,2019——Pure cold-pressed CANOLA OIL





  What is Canola Oil?


  Canola Oil is Canada + Ola





Canola Oil has always been Canada's national oil with the highest quality in the world due to its latitude location and unique land traits. Its low erucic acid, low thioglycoside, rich polyunsaturated fatty acids and mild taste are widely accepted by North American families.

Ingredient and Nutriment


Salutary Fat


Saturated fatty acids in the Canola Oil account for 7% of the total fatty acid content (too much saturated fatty acid intake leads to increased risk of obesity and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease), only 1/2 of the olive oil, its main fat component is a polyunsaturated fatty acid such as Omega-3, 6, 9 and Omega-3 and 6 are precious nutrients that are essential for the human body but cannot be synthesized by themselves. They can only be taken through the diet.



At the same time, Canola oil has less than 2% of erucic acid and less than 30 miromolar of thioglycoside.


Omega-3 DHA, EPA, and ARA, which are contained only in deep-sea fish, can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases by lowering cholesterol levels, and play a key role in promoting the development of visual and brain functions and improving skin.


Omega-6 fatty acid helps to keep the balance of the blood glucose and lipids and reduce cholesterol to prevent from thrombus and adjusts the hormone to keep us functioning well.


Omega-9 can help control blood glucose, providing an important guarantee for the prevention of diseases and other fatty acids, and is beneficial for reducing and delaying the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease.



Erucic acid and thioglycoside are needless fatty acids of human nutrition. Canada Golden Canola Oil with low erucic acid and micromolar can effectively reduce cardiovascular disease caused by excessive erucic acid intake and the risk of thyroid and liver damage caused by decomposition in case of high temperature that increase the nutritional value of oil and also protect human health.



Natural Vitamin E 


Canola oil is rich in natural vitamin E, which has good anti-oxidation and anti-aging effects.

Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, also allows our oils to have a longer shelf life and can be stored at room temperature after opening without refrigeration.


Method of Application

High-temperature frying: The smoking point of Canola Oil is up to 242 ° C with good thermal stability.

High-temperature frying will not damage its nutrients.


Cold salad: The Canola Oil is pure and free of impurities, and the taste is fresh and non-greasy.

It can be added directly to the cold dishes and salad to enhance the essential nutrients.


Stewing:Adding the appropriate amount of Canola Oil to the cooked soup or porridge and

milk will be brightened and freshened.

Steaming: Add a proper amount of Canola oil to the steamed noodles to add a unique fragrance.


Taking by mouth: Canola oil can be directly consumed in moderation, 10 drops per day (half children) can easily ensure daily nutritional needs.


Self-made condiment oil: Canola Oil with common oil we use in proper proportion will contribute to supply and balance our nutrients.




Edible Value


Kids:DHA and ARA, which are rich in Canola Oil, help balance children's metabolism and promote brain, eye, bone and nervous system development.


Women:Natural antioxidants in Canola Oil - Vitamin E can improve the skin's antioxidant capacity, allergic constitution, whiten skin, and prevent skin sagging and wrinkles.



Office workers:The ratio of Canola Oil Omega-6 and 3 is 2:1, which is more suitable for human body absorption, effectively improving human immunity and getting rid of sub-health.


Senior people:Omega-3 in Canola Oil can fully improve the memory and learning ability of the elderly and delay the deterioration of brain function. At the same time, Omega-3 is also a nemesis of cholesterol. It can be used for long-term consumption and can protect the health of the elderly in the diet.


Pure cold-pressed CANOLA OIL



Canola Oil is combination of Canadian and ola. It’s An edible vegetable oil that is squeezed from the seeds of a beautiful small yellow flowering Brassicaplant, cultivated by Canadian growers in the early 1970s by using excellent breeding techniques. 


Canadian Golden Canola Oil is a natural and healthy edible oil. The oilseeds are produced in the

“World Granary” -Saskatchewan. This prairie is rich in non-polluting natural resources and is a place for the

production of various of healthy cereals and oilseeds with premium quality.

Canadian Golden Canola Oil is selected from the non-transgenic canola seeds with full granules, which

are obtained by physical cold pressing at 60 ° C.Without high temperature or any chemical treatment, the natural nutrients in the oilseeds are preserved, and the residue of harmful substances are avoided. The high quality and 100% natural taste are guaranteed. 

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