Our Story


The story of Canada Golden Camelina Oil started in 2016 when Kai Yang, a young entrepreneur, first touching his hand on Camelina at a Professor’s research lab at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Kai was so amazed by the natural experience, rich flavor and healthy style originating from just a squeeze.


That is, to give it a squeeze yourself, or squeezing yourself out of it…


That is what Kai did, he always seeks for a healthy lifestyle squeezed from the right material. Whenever he has a choice, he would choose organic food and natural products. He chooses all kinds of organic foods in a supermarket all the time. Also, in his Café, he uses fresh local roasted coffee beans, and all the dining tables are handmade from bamboo. Kai always promotes a natural and healthy lifestyle.


Kai believes that Camelina oil is best suited for all the people who want the best in health and nutrition. Kai was originally born in China, where still has food safety issues nowadays. He always wants to do something benefits people’s health and lifestyle. With the ambition of bringing the healthy oil to China and all around the world, Kai branded his Camelina oil as “Canada Golden” and founded Canada Golden Cooking Oil Ltd with 12 co-founders who share the same ambition.


In March 2018, the first Canada Golden Camelina Oil came out. It won the prize of Top 10 Best Oil 2018 from Grocery Specialty Food West in Canada.


“To become a World Leader and Provider of Natural Oil Products Which Promote Wellbeing and lifestyle Everywhere.”


Canada Golden shares the mission of doing business with great attention to promoting people's lifestyle, as well as showing respect to our self, community and the planet.

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